Google Classroom sprint

Get to know it...

You'll be confident with Google Classroom by now but you'd be advised to check that you know the key competencies for the exam.

Skills overview

Learn how to create a Class

Learn how to access the Google Meet link in Google Classroom

Learn how to add items like assignments, posts, comments, YouTube videos, attachments, and due dates

Learn how to customise the class banner

Just make sure you are confident with all the different features of Google Classroom.Make sure you understand assignments and what file sharing you’ll need for different documents in assignments.

What you could practise in school

Create a Class
Invite Student
Find Class Code
Create an Assignment and Set a Due Date
Attach Google Drive Docs to Assignments
How do you “Make a copy” for each student?
Classroom Navigation Bar (to jump to another class)
How can Classroom be used for PD?

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